Hederae provides Graphic design, Custom typeface creation, advertising+branding sound. We specialize in the graphic design, web design, UX design, custom typeface creation and sound branding. We strive to create consistency, development of brands, and intuitive solutions that profoundly connect with users. It’s what we’ve been doing since our founding in 2014, and have shipped over 800 hederae-designed brands to market. Let’s work together.

Valerio Dell'Edera, Director Designer

Award winning type designer, graphic designer and music producer, with 10+ years experience. He’s held many odd jobs in his life, including 3d modeling, texture art, game design and a short stint as a photographer. So far graphic design is the most favorable.

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Brand Image

Development of the look, feel, and voice of a brand or organization based on strategy and messaging.

Visual Identity and guidelines

Complete visual identity development including naming, logo, color palette as well as logo implementation. I also work to create a visual identity guidelines document once the final mark is chosen depending on the need.

Promotional Materials

The development of anything from a brochure to an annual report. Complete capabilities including copywriting, photography, and design.

Apparel Graphics

Design of unique fashion apparel graphics based on a history of working with brands such as Volcom, Hollister, and Roxy.