Introduction and Artistic Education:

Valerio Dell’Edera is a versatile artist born in 1995 in Castellana Grotte, a small town in the beautiful region of Puglia, Italy. From a young age, he demonstrated a deep passion for artistic expression and a natural inclination towards music, graphic design, and innovation.

After spending 13 years in Bologna, where he nurtured his creativity and developed skills in graphic design and video game programming, Valerio returned to Puglia, settling in Polignano a Mare, a picturesque coastal town that has inspired his art and deepened his connection with nature. He graduated from the De Nittis Art High School in Bari and went on to attend the Fine Arts Academy in Bari. Here, he had the opportunity to further explore his artistic abilities and develop a strong theoretical foundation that enriched his artistic journey.

Music Career and Sound Biohacking:

Also known by his stage name HEDERAE, Valerio has gained recognition in the music world as a producer and techno DJ. His music, heavily focused on the study of frequencies, reflects his psychic knowledge and his ability to create a unique connection between music and well-being. He has produced an innovative album called “The Vibe Theory,” composed entirely of frequencies designed to reset chakras and promote well-being.

Career in Graphic Design and Entrepreneurship:

Alongside his music career, Valerio is a talented graphic designer who runs HEDERAE TYPE FOUNDRY, an online store specializing in the sale of fonts he has designed. Through his talent and reputation in the field, he has generated passive income that has allowed him to live off it since 2016.

Mission and Social Impact:

Valerio is a profound connoisseur of the human psyche and actively engages in sound biohacking, using his sound creations as a tool to scan the body and reprogram mind-behavior, facilitate relaxation, meditation, and improve well-being. His personal experience with depression and anxiety has motivated him to seek innovative ways to help others overcome mental challenges and discover their potential based on +10 years of personal research and experience without contamination of bias.

With his mission to create a positive impact in the world, Valerio aims to engage like-minded individuals through the Indigo Kids group. This community seeks to bring together individuals with psychic abilities in order to promote global change.

Today, Valerio continues to pursue his passion for music, graphic design, and entrepreneurship. Under his stage name HEDERAE, he works with emerging artists, offering BRANDING SERVICES —  MUSIC PRODUCTION — ART DIRECTION — RELEASE ON LABEL (THE INDIGO KID)